About The Founders

Eti Vidavsky – Co founder and partner

A serial entrepreneur founded and managed 5 companies in Israel, Turkey, UK, and Uganda.

An expert in consulting companies and governments on how to create innovation and entrepreneurship centers around the world. She is a board member of various public companies and a mentor at Microsoft accelerator, Barclays TechStars, and 8200 ex-army accelerators.

Provides BizDev and fund-raising services to Startups.

Eti has extensive knowledge about building successful academic centers,

She established and managed the 8 branches of the British  THAMES Valley University franchise in Israel, and she co-founded 2  educational and Academic centers in Turkey.

Eti has a wide range of experience working in developing counties. She managed a company in Uganda working with government entities creating projects for water infrastructure, IT, Malaria, Education and rainforest preservation.



Yoav Fael – Co-founder and partner

A serial entrepreneur who founded and managed ventures in various domains such as Fintech, VR, Retail, E-commerce, AI and more. He is an online and digital education expert who has owned and published over 150 educational apps, websites, and chatbots.

Co-Founder and CEO of Virtuality New Space, a new ambitious startup company developing a natural VR shopping experience.

Yoav is also the author of the thriller, Toying With Life.

He an active member of the startup community in Israel, and has been involved with some of the best accelerators in the world. He has been mentoring and consulting for startups and businesses since 2012.

In addition, Yoav is a leader and manager for very important military projects in the IDF elite computer unit Mamram as a Captain.




“According to my experience, Eti as a very professional and an expert in the Israeli high tech startup scene. She has been able to guide me through the eco systems and with her help I was able to build up valuable business contacts quickly. In addition, she has been paramount in some of my business decisions with her background knowledge and analytic skills, thus always giving me the right council. Eti is a very professional and outgoing person, she can quickly adapt to different business environments and has excellent knowledge about the US and European business culture. I saw her dealing with the smallest startups as well as with senior executives – always being authentic and helpful.”

Wolfgang Hisserich

VP Business development and Partening, Deutsche Telecom AG ,Germany


“Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure and good fortune of collaborating with Eti on several projects, both in her area of expertise, with hi-tech start-ups and related investment funds, as well as with more conventional commercial entities in Israel. Her high working standards and ethics, impressive learning and comprehension capabilities, incredible communication skills, high energy, refreshing positive attitude and creative practicality where of great help and profoundly inspiring.”

Lior Shachar

Founder and CEO, Business Class s.r.l, Italy


Eti has remarkable business and scouting  abilities .She creates personal and business contacts in a blink of an eye. After only a short time in Uganda she knew all the decision makers and big organizations. She was a great business ambassador both to the Israeli and Ugandan business communities.

Susan Skatanoo

CEO, TripleS Solutions Uganda


“Over the past year I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Mrs. Eti Vidavsky as a business developer and fund raiser for my company, which crowd sources on-street parking information using smart phone cameras . Eti has extensive  knowledge and connections  within the Israeli Hi-Tech industry and is well connected with leading Hi-Tech companies,  local and international investors, senior management figures   in Israeli Companies  and International enterprises. Eti is a great supporter of our efforts to raise fund and establish business relationships both locally and in the international arena.”

Ronen Korman

CEO IonTerra


“I have been working with Eti for the past 4years as director in my publicly traded high tech company, it has been a fantastic experience. Eti has consistently brought valuable insights to our meetings and discussions along with a wealth of contacts and introductions into relevant high tech companies to serve as partners, potential investments and even M&A targets. Eti has an amazing passion for business, a bold can do attitude and relentless persistence that Israelis are known for and any company drawing from her talents and services will benefit greatly”

Ben Garrun

CEO, Somoto LTD Israel


“Eti has escorted our company from early stage ,she was part of our concept and she is part of the company DNA .She helped us in many ways  including raising funds. She is a real entrepreneur ,creative and has an excellent net work .In order to celebrate the fund raising she invited us to her house and cooked for us .She is not only  a mentor she is our friend and family.”

Amir Nechemia

Cofounder and CEO Cennecteam ltd


“Mrs. Eti Vidavsky is a true professional exerting great efforts, working endlessly in order to make a deal come through. Eti has wide practical knowledge and hands on experience in the Israeli investment scene with a vast network of contacts amongst local investors and startups. She provided us with a high quality deal-flow based on thorough familiarity with the Israeli startup scene.”

Ohad Shisgal

Senior Principal Partam HighTech

“Yoav is a super talented serial entrepreneur, he brings to the game his strengths as a multidisciplinary, dedicated and determined entrepreneur. In the last few years I saw Yoav takes big visions and makes them a reality.”

Dan Doringer

Founder and CEO of Contigo