Why online accelerator?

  • No geographic limitations – Reach any startup, anywhere.
  • Create a strong online community that will be a key part of the future ecosystem.
  • Have direct connection to entrepreneurs, and understand the challenges and solutions.
  • Help beginner and experienced entrepreneurs find connections, advice, customers, and investors.
  • Low cost, highly effective acceleration, that may be funded using local and global sponsors.
  • Gain media attention that will brand you as innovative and progressive.
  • Having a single virtual platform will connect startups, domestic and international investors and brands, service providers, mentors, government support, and more. You will be at the center of all this!
  • Set the wheel of innovation and entrepreneurship in motion.
  • Involve local and international investors in your ecosystem. Give them access to hundreds of startups in the community with updated information about their status, challenges, team, stage, investment needs etc.